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Flute Floor Light


912.00 د.إ 1,369.00 د.إ

With its stylish design this floor lamps fits well with modern, urban, casual, and artistic decor styles. Ideal floor lamps for living room, bedroom and office.

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    Size: H 170cm x W 35cm

    With 350 degree rotation, you can adjust any angle you need to make it fit your light.

    Tilt to any angle between vertical and almost parallel to the floor.

    The soft light of the lampshade is particularly suitable for use in the bedroom, giving you a sweet sleep.

    Soft light illuminates, creating a warm and warm atmosphere.

     Whether you want to read, write, or simply relax, the standing lamp provides ample illumination without straining the eyes, an ideal floor lamp for your living room and bedroom.


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