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Monti Nightstand Table

Size: 51.5*41*60cm

Monti Nightstand Table Provides enough space for you to organize your stuff and gives you a neat space.

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    This nightstand is the made of 1-drawer end table and high quality wood board, provides enough space for you to organize your stuff, gives you a neat space.

    Hidden Safe Made of hard alloy steel, the strength and hardness of the product are improved, and the anti-theft performance and compressive performance of the product are greatly improved.

    USB socket design Our smart bedside table is equipped with a simple but retro charging port, which allows you to charge mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, readers, etc. The charging panel design makes charging more convenient. Only mobile phones with built-in charging function are supported.

    3C Tempered Glass Cabinet Our bedside table adopts 3C tempered glass. When the glass is damaged by external force, it is not easy to cause serious harm to the human body. It has impact resistance and good thermal stability.


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